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Oman Towers established to be an open access firm to all Mobile service operators and other government entities authorized to operates wireless solutions.

OTC provide passive wireless infrastructures that can be accommodated equally by all clients. We aim to build a strong relationship with Government, partners, suppliers and our contractors to save the effort, cost and time.

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To be the Natural choice for Open – Access wireless telecom infrastructure, for a sustainable socio-economic Development in Oman.


1.Provide advanced, efficient, reliable and environment- friendly wireless telecom infrastructure throughout Oman.

2.Foster infrastructure sharing among operators and accelerate their expansion and growth.

3.Leverage the infrastructure-sharing benefits for the entire ecosystem including operators, community, and environment.

Stimulating the access is a target for Oman Tower that provide an open access to all service operators to share the same towers and associated infrastructure.

  • Tower Space Rental
    • OTC provides a tower that can accommodate several operators in an open access mode with same terms and conditions
  • In-Building Solutions
    • OTC provides access to distributed antenna system inside shopping malls, hotels, other multi floor buildings that allow all service operators (mobile and fixed) to offer wireless coverage including WIFI.
  • Shelter Space Rental
    • OTC provides space in equipment shelters with cooling service as per the space required by the service operators.
  • Tower Management
    • OTC maintains and markets existing tower portfolios on behalf of their owners and makes them accessible to all telecom operators.
  • Power Solutions
    • OTC provides solar / hybrid off-grid power solutions under long term service contract, where operators pay only for the power, they use.
  • Others
    • OTC can provide other passive telecom infrastructure solutions customized to the clients requirement.

OTC aims to provide high quality services at an attractive price by mutualizing infrastructure, and its expertise and dedication. OTC’s towers will be designed to accommodate multiple mobile operators and other government entities. OTC adds value to the community by reducing the visual impact of telecom towers and the use of land. OTC’s infrastructure will allow the service operators to focus their investment on telecom services