As a culmination of the fruitful efforts that have been made in the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate of Oman,the Board of Directors of OmanTowers believe that the company will play a vital role in the telecommunications. sector, by merging the operators in a single tower. Whereas, one of the most important objectives of the company is to contribute to the development of the sector by providing the infrastructure and their equipment and working with licensed.telecommunications service operators in the Sultanate and other government entities. We work side by side with all relevant authorities in the telecom sector, manufacturers and suppliers to provide the most appropriate solutions that are compatible with the requirements of this phase in the deployment of communication networks in the Sultanate with high efficiency and sustainability. Oman Towers aim to support the service sector by providing opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), thus contributing to the development of the sector and the dissemination of knowledge in the Sultanate. We are also aware that the Omani cadres is the pillar of the work in the company. Since its establishment, we have pursued to develop and employ Omani cadreses,on which we count to lead the work in this young company, wishing them success and a life full of achievements.

Eng. Ady Bin Hilal Al Mawali
Chairman of Board of Directors
Oman Tower Company was founded in 2018 as a national company to play a vital role in the telecommunications sector in Oman with international strategic partner. OTC is providing the passive infrastructure to the wireless telecommunication service operators and government entities in an open access manner. Oman Tower Company provides various infrastructure solutions such as greenfield towers, rooftops, in-building solutions and other innovative ideas for the 4th industry revolution. Moving ahead with the coming technologies like 5G, IOT and others, OTC is working with suppliers of street furniture to accommodate future antennas. The OTC board consists of six members that gather all the shareholders which include 68% of government bodies and 32% to the international partner. OTC’s main offices is located in Muscat.

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Oman Tower Company applies the process and procedure of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) that helps all the partners to be part of Oman Tower Company vendor list and contribute in the success of OTC , all partners / suppliers would like to be part of Oman Tower Company must register in the vendor registration and then accordingly once it is approved then should be able to participate in Oman Tower Company tenders and procurement process.

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